My past projects/upcoming projects as well as information about them can be found at my Github and my LinkedIn accounts.

Machine Learning Applications in Astrophysics (dec 2018) - From abstract: Machine learning is a relatively new branch of computer science that is being used in many different fields that are heavily dependent on data. It relies on the ability to learn how to execute a task without explicitly being programmed. There are machine learning application as a tool of statistical analysis in fields such as astrophysics where it is used to classify galaxies. There has been success and failure as a result of using machine learning and this has granted opportunities for researchers to improve their methods. In particular, one interesting application is the use of generative adversarial networks (GANs) for classifying galaxies.

MNIST CNN trainer (nov 2018) - Convolution neural network to detect handwriting numbers. Adapted from tensorflow documentation example provided at

juicySoup (aug 2018 - dec 2018) - User friendly web parser written in python to enable users to access data acquisition of html pages.

cordz (mar 2018 - jun 2018) - Android mobile application for finding chords and scales with a playable piano. Built with java in Android studio.

TRVLR (mar 2016 - jun 2016) - Built as the capstone senior project for the Computer Science degree at UC Santa Cruz during the 2015 winter quarter. A travel blog website that implements ranked lists, like buttons, friends lists, among other features in the MVC architecture built with python in the Web2Py framework.